Thursday, September 14, 2006

Calling for help on the helpfiles

Hi all,

I want to put together a new helpfile. If anyone can contribute something I would be thankful. I also plan to make some changes to the VRayISO Userinterface and Featureset. To put it short I will dump everything that doesn't work correctly by now. I also decided to move the blob modes into another future plugin that will have PFlow support then. It doesn't make sense to put everything into one plugin. Better keep things simple and fast.
I have another image for the gallery

I tested the Isos with the new SSS Material. It works.

I got a bug report from Michael Watkins (aka Elfpro3d). He found out that there's something wrong with the raytraced shadows. Here's his image. Look at the shadow at the right.

I will have a look at this.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New compile for VRay 1.5RC2


I am back from hospital and have recovered a little bit. I got the new SDK for VRay 1.5 RC2 and could compile without changes. I also switched to the SDK for 3dsmax 8 now. The betatesters already got mail with this compile. I also included the atmospheric plugin I used for the tests that I posted earlier.
And I included the scene for the following image:

I assembled the scene to test both plugins in a more complex scene setup.

If you want to betatest and you are not on my list, just drop me a mail.

Best Regards,


Keywords: levelset, implicit surface, Isosurface, VRay, 3dsmax, raytracing