Tuesday, September 05, 2006

New compile for VRay 1.5RC2


I am back from hospital and have recovered a little bit. I got the new SDK for VRay 1.5 RC2 and could compile without changes. I also switched to the SDK for 3dsmax 8 now. The betatesters already got mail with this compile. I also included the atmospheric plugin I used for the tests that I posted earlier.
And I included the scene for the following image:

I assembled the scene to test both plugins in a more complex scene setup.

If you want to betatest and you are not on my list, just drop me a mail.

Best Regards,



Blogger khalili1 said...


My name is Parsa Khalili and I am currently a student of Architecture and am very interested in beta testing your software. I had written you an email before, but perhaps you didn't receive it.

Please respond to me at your earliest convenience (and I hope your leg is better)




11:48 AM  
Blogger Naxos said...

Damn ! i like that, thank you !!

12:06 PM  

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