Thursday, March 02, 2006

small bugs fixed

Hi again,

I got a bugreport from Daforce from the Chaosgoup forum (thanks for feedback) who is also betatesting the VrayRelease I can compile against now (1.49.21). The plugin crashes in "inside" mode if the mesh is not perfectly closed and selfintersecting. This bug is fixed now and it gives a warning in the VRay message window saying "VRayISO invalid Mesh". That's a small success. But I still have the bug with transparent materials. And I am stuck finding it. That's really bad.
I got also reports that the actual compile won't work any more with newer releases of VRay (eg 14925). I hoped it would work now even with 1.5 that we all are waiting for with excitement. I would really like to send the beta out to all that asked for it but it doesn't make sense if most of them couldn't run it. But as long as there are known bugs I don't loose time.

Here are some images Thorsten Kaufmann (working in the same company as me) posted:

Here's a small ToDo list:

Known Bugs:
- Crashes with transparent Materials
- unknown crashes
- animating the radius spinner gives strange results (reported by Vlado:))

- ParticleFlow support for the blobalgorithm. Using the radius of the particles
- Some kind of Viewport preview
- Picking a mesh could hide this mesh automatically
- UV Coordinates of some kind

That's it so far I think

Best Regards,



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