Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Ready to rumble again


after all the problems with the HD crash I'm finally back to normal conditions. I even got the new VRaySDK for the upcoming VRay builds. I should look for a good tool for version controlling. This is still a weak point. Microsoft SourceSafe is much too expensive for a home project. I am considering either CVS, SVN or Perforce. All of them free for one-client projects.
But now to the ISO Project. I think I will try Perforce first.

The HRLE Compression of the Voxelgrid is still broken. But with the new polygon to levelset version I didn't run out of memory yet. So I am putting this not to top priority. First I want to gain some more speed.

For the poly to levelset conversion I am using the RayMeshGrid Interface from the MaxSDK to do ray mesh intersections. What a stupid idea if I have the fastest raytracer at hand;). So I am trying to convert the code to use Vray methods. If I can do that I am expecting some speed increase for the conversion phase.

I saw that the top resource site for 3dsmax maxplugins.de started a blog, too. Here's the link:

Should be the daily dose for every 3dsmax user.

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