Sunday, August 10, 2008

I am at Siggraph! Arrived today in LA and I am looking forward to this week. I thought that I can't do a new posting here without a little "give away". And due to the jetlag I had some time this night and recompiled the VRayISO for SP2 and removed the timebomb now.
Here's the download for 3dsmax 9 and 2008 for VRay 1.5 SP2
Working over VPN I couldn't test it much. If there are problems, please email me.
In the last few month I learned a lot about software architecture. Therefore I will probably refactore the whole code before doing other stuff with it.
So don't expect more updates on this soon.
I will not send out builds for other VRayBuilds especially not for the pirated ones. Don't email me for that.
Best regards,

Keywords: levelset, implicit surface, Isosurface, VRay, 3dsmax, raytracing