Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tech Demo


Antonio Casado and Oscar Bonilla have finished their tech demo for VRayISO. It turned out really great and shows the different usages very well. You can download the movie.

I have not stopped development as some might think. I am still a busy bee and I have just recently changed the algorithm to use object space and I added motionblur support. Along with VRay's upcoming GI engine for animation Flying asteroids should be no problem soon:)
The code is not stable yet and I need some more time. Additionally I am starting my holidays next week.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

FMX first day


I had an excellent first day at fmx today. CA Scanline showed their effect work for the movie "300". They worked on the waterbattle sequence. A lot of fluid and rigid body simulation they did with their own engine. It was really amazing.
I met Stephan Trojansky, head of R&D at CA Scanline, after the speech. He is quite interested in my ISO Project and promised to do a test drive with it.
I met Robert Seidel, an independent artist and author for the german magazine "Digital Production". He is one of the most active betatesters. He will write a small article about the Multimatte Renderelement for the next dp issue.
In the afternoon Peter Mitev and Tedi from CHAOS GROUP visited our company and we showed them around. We showed them some of our work and they will probably use it for their siggraph showreel. It was a very interesting meeting and I am looking forward to the VRay event at Siggraph.
As said, this was an excellent first day at siggraph.

I did some more tests with my SSS idea and I can show the first results.

Although the idea obviously works in some situations, there are too many situations where this wouldn't work. I will put this to the "ideas" folder and stop development on it and return to the implicit surfaces.

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Keywords: levelset, implicit surface, Isosurface, VRay, 3dsmax, raytracing