Wednesday, October 17, 2007

fun with fluids

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I worked a bit more on fluid rendering. I enhanced my blob rendering engine to support the surfacing model of the Zhu/Bridson 05 paper. After some problems in the beginning that works quite well now. The object plugin has a multithreaded meshing routine and a direct rendering routine of the implicit surface for VRay.

The direct rendering produces very smooth surfaces and exact motionblur. Rendertimes are longer with Isosurfaces.
For the simulation I wrote a connection to the Ageia PhysX SDK and wrapped that into a PFlow Node.
This worked out quite well. The simulation below was done in almost realtime. I think the thing that prevented it from being realtime was the PFlow overhead. But it's nice to be able to code the emitters with BirthScripts. The PFlow integration dynamically adds particles to the simulation as they enter the PFlow Event. This might lead to some interesting effects, but I haven't explored that route yet. SPH based solvers seem to be a bit picky about the input particles. They have to have equal distance to each other, otherwise the simulation blows up easily.

Watch in motion

Hope you like it.

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Monday, October 01, 2007

New expiration date


here's the new download with the plugin with a new expiration date.

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Keywords: levelset, implicit surface, Isosurface, VRay, 3dsmax, raytracing