Sunday, January 14, 2007

Next beta is near

Hi all,

I have read through the OpenMP 2.0 standard and tried to apply it to my code. I have multiprocessor support of some functions in the preparation phase and for the viewport mesh generation now. But I am unsure if it's really faster. OpenMP seems to have a lot of administration overhead, could be that the single threaded code is still faster. I will do some more tests.
I compiled some of my older plugins for 3dsmax 9 last week and wanted to upload them to I started with OptimizeSpline (This is 6 years old now!), but I soon got reports that the plugin doesn't work on some systems. My biggest problem seems to be that I have updated the Visual Studio 2005 to service pack 1. The result is that the plugins that I am compiling won't run on a standard 3dsmax9 installation unless I am distributing the plugin with an installer. I hope I can solve this problem soon.
I got a link from betatester ACT with a small animation. Have a look here: Movie
Good to see first results from the testers.

That's it for now.

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Blogger Da_Elf said...

This is awsome news, i cant wait to start testing all the new things you have added. Are you still going to be working on the max 8 version or are you only doing the max9 one now.
As for the aniamtion it was cool but i did notice a little flickering in the fine detail parts

5:08 AM  

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