Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!


happy new year to all of you! I am still enjoying some days off. And I spend some more time with my source code:). I got the viewport mesh some steps further, but have some bugs left. But it's really a lot better if you can see something in the viewport. For evaluating the plugin I worked a bit more on the CGSphere scene. If you haven't seen it on cgsphere.com, here's the image. (Thought I should show it here as well)

I should use the opportunity to thank my workmate Erik Bochmann who leads the compositing departement at mackevision and did the wonderful compositing on this image. I plan to add the 3d file to the Iso beta package. If you see what comes out of the renderer you will appreciate what he did:)
Placing the fishies was really a tedious work with the old version, because I had to render each time I moved them. Now it's easy. I even could do a little bit of keyframing and did some camera moves through the corals. I hope I can render this out sometime. I also changed the code for the cellcache. The cache is only recalculated in sequences if the parameters are animated now. This saves a lot of time for animations. I did some tests with the new OpenMP2.0 standard for Visual Studio. It seems that this could help me on getting some multiprocessor support into the plugin. The preparation phase only uses one processor right now. Perhaps I can change this for a few work steps. But it's hard to do this for the major algorithm, which is a fast marching algorithm. I don't have a clue how I can split this up into more threads. But there are some tasks left which can be parallelized easily.

I found that it's also a good way sometimes to collapse the viewport object to an editable mesh and apply VRayDisplacement. The results are quite similar to the direct Iso-raytracing, but of course faster and more convenient to work with. That's it for today.

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