Tuesday, December 05, 2006

new reconstruction filter


the good ranking my CGSphere image got is a perfect motivation:) I worked a bit further on the VRayIso surfaces. I added a new reconstruction filter. The old version just had a trilinear filter. This is the fastest option, but showed shading discontinuities if you had no Map applied or a map with low frequency noise. I added a BSpline reconstruction filter. I thought this might be a good choice regarding quality and speed. Here's a paper that compares different reconstruction filters. The BSpline filter now generates a much smoother mesh with smooth shading. Of course this costs a lot of speed. Therefore I still recommend the linear filter if you use high frequency noise, because it wouldn't make a difference then. I rendered a small image to show the difference. The cellsize and stepsize settings are the same in both surfaces. Only difference is the reconstruction filter used.
I will do some more tests before I upload it for the betatesters.

My email adress should be visible in my profile now, so if anybody wants to join, just drop me a mail.

Best regards,


Blogger MiKaEL said...

I see you are progressing good. I want to be in the beta testing team. I have mailed you many times and you don't reply to mails. at least you can tell me no, if you don't want me to be in the testing team.

2:50 PM  
Blogger Dieter said...


sorry for this, I really get flooded with spam mails lately. Please send another email with "VRayISO". If this still can't get through, comment your email address to this thread somehow, and I will send add you to the mailing list.

Best regards,

1:37 PM  

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