Monday, November 27, 2006

CGSphere entry


Richard Rosenman and Michael Kocurek started a cool website about computer generated spheres. is well worth a visit. My entry made it to the top rated image at least for a few minutes now. If you haven't already - vote for it now!

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Blogger Jesse said...

nice entry. As you were the only person to include a description of method, I have a question:
I'm trying to recreate spheres from real life in a virtual environment to facilitate non-destructive analysis. The spheres are 28-50mm in diameter (artificial hip-joints). I can accomplish most anything conventional photography will allow (I'm and engineer and photog) to capture pictures which may then be stitched together somehow to be overlayed on a sphere. My questions:
1. 3D render programs clearly have sphere over-lay capabilities, is one program superior? And will Blender work acceptably (free)?
2. What photos or processing would you consider taking to setup up the overlaying process? Is there a way I can capture the pictures that will make the overlay process easier?
3. What technique should I use in the 3D program to ensure good dimensional accuracy?

please write to me: JesseAKnight(at)

thank you

8:29 PM  
Blogger Dieter said...

Mail sent...

1:42 PM  

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