Monday, July 02, 2007

Beta expired

Hi there,

the last beta expired and I have the new version ready for download. New features are the local space and the motion blur support. Here's the link:
VRayISO Beta0.3 RC5
As you might have noticed from the filename this is for RC5. I will see if I can upload a version for RC3 as well. I did some changes to the code to be RC5 compatible and I forgot to check the code into my version control system before doing this (Shit happens). I am sure the RC5 will be made public soon.
There's no password protection. This will be a public beta!

Best regards,


Blogger Alejandro said...

Hi Dieter. Nice to hear these great notices. I can't wait for try the new version



12:15 AM  
Blogger Alejandro said...

Hi Dieter.
In Vray forum Vlado said that RC5 will be out in abouth a month :(
Could you re-upload last beta with new expire date?
Thanks in advance

2:38 PM  

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